Parenting and being on the same team

We are on the same team             Surprisingly, I have been asked by some friends if having Blakely so early in our marriage has made it more dif...

Do you regret starting a family so young?

“You need to live your life, go crazy and get it out of your system now, because once you’re pregnant, you’ll never be able to go out again.” 

Being a first time Young Mom

To all the other moms out there that are just trying to stay sane and survive this wild ride called motherhood, I hope you too can realize that mom guilt may be real, but it doesn’t need to have control over how you parent. At the end of the day, you have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about! If you’re doing the best you can and loving that sweet baby with all you have, you’re golden. The rest will simply fall into place.

How We Got Started

Have you ever just sat in your room and daydreamed about what your future might look like? I used to daydream about a boy or what my first dance would be like or where I might go to college. But lately my daydreaming is a little more serious. I’ve been busy dreaming about this career.