How We Got Started

How We Got Started

Have you ever just sat in your room and daydreamed about what your future might look like?

I used to daydream about a boy or what my first dance would be like or where I might go to college. But lately my daydreaming is a little more serious. I’ve been busy dreaming about this career. This dream, this adventure. And it’s finally coming true.

The conversation (or argument) had come up again and again. I wanted to stay home and raise our daughter. I didn’t want to miss everything while I was away at work. But with all the bills, student loans, and baby necessitates, being on one income just wasn’t an option.

However, I knew what my heart really wanted so I got to work thinking of another way to make this lifestyle work for us.

So as I sat in our bedroom and dreamt, I thought about the future and how I would be able to stay home with our sweet girl, but still help out financially. I knew I wanted to do something that involved her and something she would be proud of. Finally, the light bulb moment came; Baby gift boxes! (Plus I already have a really cute baby model that I could use for free) ;)

Just like other moms, I know how hard it is to find those one of a kind, unique outfits that aren’t just from another big box store that every other kid wears. So I decided to create a service and an experience, all in one. No more browsing the internet for hours, trying to find baby goods, all along wondering if the quality is worth your money. We did all the hard work for you! We spent the hours and the money finding it, testing it out on our own kiddos, and packaging it beautifully for you.

But we wanted there to be more than just clothes for your own kids to wear. We know you don’t just shop for our own kids all the time. What about those baby showers, gender reveals, birthday parties, etc?! Well, we went the extra mile, and created ready to go gift boxes for those occasions too. No need to worry about finding the perfect gift, because we already found it! Anything from newborn gifts to ‘The grow with me box’, we’ve got you covered. Trust me, we know what kids like. With 6 littles in our family ranging from 6 years old to 7 months, we’ve tried it all!

This dream of mine has quickly turned into a passion and I couldn’t be more excited to share it all with you. The countdown to launch day is on! We hope you’ll join us on this new adventure! Welcome to the babyoranges family.